8CHAIN tokens are BEP-20 tokens for the 8CHAIN metaverse. 8CHAIN will launch 8 integrated projects over the course of 8 years; and developers will soon make 8CHAIN as the governance token for all of its projects.
8CHAIN aims to achieve this in the true form of a decentralized organization. Voting is done through polls, where everyone has equal bearing. All decisions are consensus centric–all in the mission to impact the lives of people.
As such, by 2022-2023, the Community Treasury will go live. Early 8CHAIN holders will begin to receive 8CHAIN tokens generated by the first initiative of 8CHAIN during the private and public sales. More revenue streams will be added in the future as new chains are added, and as new opportunities arise from the metaverse.

Contract address: 0xF551013bf5e31314E776C25ffd4E883a197B9659